Garibaldi vs. Che Guevara. A short film by Maia Guarnaccia

Garibaldi vs. Che Guevara. A short film by Maia Guarnaccia
In an anonymous bar in a non-descript modern day town Giuseppe Garibaldi, through his wife Anita, meets Che Guevara. The "hero of the two-worlds" has a nagging curiosity; he wants to understand what, the relentlessly thriving myth surrounding the Argentinean revolutionary, is all about-whilst analyzing the causes behind his own faded prestige as a a revolutionary. Fuelled by glasses of red wine and rum and puffs of cuban and tuscan cigars, an animated exchange takes place between the two.
The two heroes deliberate on their history and talk about the Argentinean soccer player Maradona while having to put up with modern day constraints (anti-smoking legislations, press conferences and excited groupies.). The architect of a winning revolution-an event that no longer seems to interest the people it was meant to liberate-balances his experiences with the hero who's revolution failed, an event however that still stirs quite a few emotions.

Director and scriptwriter: Maia Guarnaccia

Actors: Maia Guarnaccia as Garibaldi,
Paolo Briguglia as Che Guevara
Federica Maglioni as Anita Garibaldi

Director of Photography: Bruno Pappalettera
Editing: Michaela Berlini

Direct Sound: Martino Coffa
Music: Sergio Carnevale
Titles and graphic animation: Samantha Petrocchi
Costumes: Gentucca Bini
Producer: Maia Guarnaccia
Lenght: 21, 11.16
Recorded in December 2006 in Milan
Edited May 2007

Mercredi 25 Juillet 2007

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